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The More Than 4 Cast

Feb 8, 2021

Courtney and Caitlin started Costumes for Courage in 2020 as a way to help children find some excitement and bravery while going through treatment.  They run the organization together with help from Caitlin’s husband, Geoff, and their friend, Rachel. 


Courtney has built her career around business operations and project management.  She currently works for a national bank.  Courtney lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband, two children, Mason and Lilli (who inspired Costumes for Courage), a dog named Bear, and two cats, Jette and Smores.  


Caitlin is Courtney’s sister (Lilli’s aunt).  She currently works as an executive recruiter and previously managed sponsorships for a number of professional sports organizations.  Caitlin also lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband, Geoff, who helps run Costumes for Courage.  They have two dogs: Kona and Summer. 

Transcript can be found here.